the Sacred



To find new ways forward in this time of upheaval and great transition requires us to intentionally protect what is precious, sacred, and most beautiful about our humanity, in joyful right relations with the Earth and with each other.

Because money is the world’s most significant unconscious agreement, and perpetually fortifies scarcity and separation, we are called to reimagine it.

Our Response

Our humble prayer is to join with others in healing the upstream consciousness from which money was created, and then used, to reinforce extraction, racism, domination, ecocide, and other forms of separation and violence.

Seeking out all we can — ceremony and wisdom, right relationships, other ways of knowing, and practice to come in closer contact with the infinite generosity of the Earth — we aim to see beyond this system and the mindset that designed it.

We join together as wealth holders, entrepreneurs, and wisdom keepers, to break from the economic and financial models we have known, to transmute financial capital into a flow that enables everyone’s gifts, and to build the spiritual ballast we are going to need as the world radically changes shape.

All Mandala Images:
All Mandala Images:

The Course

An invitational, 7-month journey into Money & Belonging

The Practice

The Practice, After the Course: An ongoing practice with money in Community