Our capacities for compassion, reciprocity, trust, and belonging to the Earth and each other are not guaranteed. To protect this sacred knowing, and to bring this remembrance into evolving our economic lives and financial transactions, we offer the following.


The Course

An invitational, 7-month journey into Money & Belonging

These friends initiated and co-host the Course.

  • Our focus is to build each others’ capacity as hosts — for healing and for a realignment with life — within the money, business and community ecosystems that we each guide and influence.
  • We aim to ensure participants have what they need to experiment: practices, peers, understanding of how money and finance work today, examples & stories of alternatives, supportive guidance for action, fellowship with people who strengthen our capacity to see differently, and ritual spaces that open awareness of other perspectives, paradigms, and cosmic possibilities.
  • Our approach is creation rather than innovation, initiation rather than education, and the cultivation of the both/and knowing of the heart, rather than the either/or logic of the mind.

All collage images by Marian Moore and Michelle Be Long


The Practice

After the Course: An ongoing practice with money in community. 

We are:

  • Hosted by a team of sanctuary farmers, indigenous leaders, wealth holders, wisdom keepers, financial activists, lenders, and movement leaders.
  • Flowing money toward sacred land return, farm as sanctuary, and the healing, belonging, and soul of the movement that we need for the path ahead.
  • Focused even more deeply on the transformational “how” of placing money – from transactions to trust — than on the “what” of any particular gift.
  • Embodying a spirit of Jubilee! — deepening relationships, transforming power & making sacred — as principles that guide how we relate to money.
  • Dedicated to meeting the scale of the challenge – by investing in building the strength of other individuals, organizations, funds, and the field for the larger movements.